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Tokenized Content (Private Blockchain)

A major international performing rights society was seeking a way to use distributed ledger technology to improve the accuracy of its royalty payment system, reduce costs, and simplify its audit requirements. Learn more.

NFTs for Member Certification Records (Private Blockchain)

A major North American trade association was seeking a way to represent the accreditations earned by its members and make the certification levels easily and publicly confirmable. Learn more.

NFT Ticketing & Fan Development (Blockchain)

A major North American sports league was seeking a way to use NFTs for ticketing and fan development. Learn more.


One of the most famous music producers in the world wanted to leverage his catalog by creating NFTs similar to NFT projects his colleagues and competitors were creating. Learn more.

Community Currency (Blockchain/DeFi)

The leaders of an international community with more than 20 million members desired to create a method of value exchange for exclusive use by its members. Learn more.

Hard Goods Manufacturing

DTC Strategy

A major manufacturer in the home industry was seeking a way to complement its “analog” manufacturing and distribution business by exploring direct-to-consumer (DTC) business opportunities. Learn more.

Digital Transformation

A leading trade association required an intensive, top-to-bottom operations transformation that led to stunning efficiencies, new capabilities and cost savings. Learn more.

Data Maturity Audit and Benchmark

A global FMCG company sought an assessment of their overall data maturity, looking for the best ways to activate their data in all aspects of their businesses. Learn more.

Industrial Internet (IoT) Strategy

An innovative trade exhibition company who had previous success in specific trade verticals wished to expand into an experiential product showcase that could include both business-to-business and consumer engagements. Learn more.

Developer Conf

Tech Community Evangelism

A global FMCG company wanted to position itself as a first-stop for startups and new ideas from the broader tech community. Learn more.

Digital Advisory Board Facilitation

A global consumer electronics manufacturer wanted to position itself as a first-stop for startups and new ideas from the broader tech community. Learn more.

Data & Digital Leadership Training

A global telecommunications company needed to accelerate its corporate development efforts. Learn more.