Case Study: Tech Community Evangelism

developer conf

A global FMCG Company wanted to position itself as a first-stop for startups and new ideas from the broader tech community.

Client Challenges

  • Find new ways for the tech community to become aware of the company.
  • Encourage innovation, especially around content creation and distribution.
  • Build brand awareness by offering developers a new revenue stream for delivering targeted, measured, brand exposures with associated conversions.
  • Support innovation by becoming a center of excellence for the tech community.

The Palmer Group Solution

Stage ongoing events and craft ongoing messaging for the community.

  • Created, planed, produced and facilitated a developer conference.
  • Educated attendees about the opportunities.
  • Created an ongoing interactive environment for learning.
  • Facilitated an online “Idea Marketplace” (with scoring tools for the client) where vendors pitch ideas.
  • Moderate and facilitate an annual schedule of “idea jams.”


Our client is now at the top of the consideration set of almost every VC-backed startup in the Valley, Israel and other major tech hubs. The flow of new ideas and technologies has increased 20x in the past three years.Several successful new digital products have been created. There have been several successful modifications and improvements to the client’s supply chain.