Case Study: NFTs for Member Certification Records (Private Blockchain)

A major North American trade association was seeking a way to represent the accreditations earned by its members and make the certification levels easily and publicly confirmable.

Background & Client Challenges

The organization offers several levels of professional certifications for its members. Unfortunately, many non-member professionals were claiming to be certified and using counterfeit certificates, as well as displaying unearned certification badges on their websites. This practice had evolved into a serious threat to the perceived value of the certifications and was starting to impact the organization’s ability to justify its membership fees.

TPG Solution

Create an NFT for each accreditation and write certification to a private blockchain that could be easily explored to ensure easy authentication of each certified professional.

  • Build a private blockchain.
  • Create the NFT business logic (and associated software).
  • Supervise the engineering.
  • Create a utility token to reward private nodes for participation and set the stage for future programs.
  • Create a public-facing blockchain explorer to allow for easy verification of authenticity.
    Provide engineering and product management support.


The organization is currently testing the system and has successfully minted an NFT certificate (aka digital twin) for every paper certification. In the coming months, these NFTs (badges) will be deployed to member websites along with the public-facing blockchain explorer.