Case Study: Data Maturity Audit and Benchmark

A Global Healthcare-Focused FMCG Company sought an assessment of their overall data maturity, looking for the best ways to activate their data in all aspects of their businesses.

Client Challenges

To become more consumer focused by understanding and utilizing their data, the company had to evaluate:

  • What data they possessed and what value it could generate.
  • How and where the data is stored.
  • What kinds of data hygiene is applied and what will be required to unify the data.
  • What data governance and privacy policies are in place and are they compliant with laws, regulations and ethics.

The Palmer Group Solution

To perform the data maturity audit and define the steps forward to activate and utilize the data, The Palmer Group:

  • Conducted internal reviews and interviews with key stakeholders.
  • Reviewed data processes and management.
  • Engaged vertical area experts to partner for compliance audits.
  • Delivered a plan for data activation and platforms.


The company is implementing an integrated data strategy that will significantly improve their ability to engage consumers more effectively and apply data-driven management to projects, marketing and corporate activities.