Case Study: Community Currency (Blockchain/DeFi)

The leaders of an international community with more than 20 million members desired to create a method of value exchange for exclusive use by its members.

Background & Client Challenges

The client requested a way to craft its own cryptocurrency to be used exclusively within its international community. They were very concerned about the environmental impact that such a project might have. Their goal was to create a stablecoin that could be used for daily commerce.

TPG Solution

To assist this community, The Palmer Group:

  • Created a “proof of concept” test for a new altcoin.
  • Reported on the expected environmental impact.
  • Designed a roadmap for the private/public blockchain implementation of their new cryptocurrency.
  • Adapted open source validator node software to match the project specifications.
  • Created a full set of developer relations documentation and a marketing plan to roll it out.
  • Provided engineering and product management support.


The community leaders are now evaluating the implementation and the social impact of releasing their own cryptocurrency. We are awaiting their decision.