Case Study: NFT/DeFi

One of the most famous music producers in the world wanted to leverage his catalog by creating NFTs similar to NFT projects his colleagues and competitors were creating.

Background & Client Challenges

To understand the feasibility and key success factors for this project, the client wanted to know how to create the most value from his catalog of famous audio and video recordings. Together, we had to:

  • Identify the size and scope of a marketplace that was quickly becoming saturated with competitive product.
  • Understand the impact on his existing business and his world-famous brand name.

TPG Solution

To help our client maximize the value of his content catalog, The Palmer Group:

  • Identified exclusive, unique, valuable digital audio and video files that were truly “one of a kind” (and not publicly available).
  • Worked with the client to develop a strategy that combined his fan development goals, a loyalty program, and a co-creator ecosystem.
  • Helped our client select the appropriate partners, engineering talent, and protocols to realize the long-term strategy we developed with them.


The company publicly announced its NFT offerings and is currently in the process of building its own fan portal and DeFi platform.