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Google's Gemini is Mountain View's answer to GPT-4. According to The Information, Gemini was originally scheduled to debut next week at a series of events that have now been postponed until January. Continue Reading →
By now, I’m sure you’ve seen dozens of headlines like, “OpenAI may have discovered AI so powerful it could end humanity.” While such headlines are sensational, it's important to approach them with a balanced perspective. Humanity is as safe from AI today as it was yesterday. And, it is highly unlikely that (considering all of the other threats to human safety) AI is going to be humanity's undoing any time soon. Continue Reading →

Humanity Has Reached 1 GE

Today marks one year since the C/G Boundary; we'll call this new era of human communication the "Generative Era" (GE). At 1 GE, no content can be guaranteed to be original. What will life be like in the year 10 GE? Continue Reading →

Amazon Q: A New AI Assistant

Amazon announced a full slate of new products and services at its re:Invent 2023 conference, but the star of the show was undoubtedly the introduction of "Q," an AI-powered chatbot designed to streamline various business operations for AWS (Amazon Web Services) customers. Continue Reading →

ChatGPT Prompt Frameworks

DALL-E Frames
Prompt crafting is a vital skill for optimizing AI interactions in various professional and personal scenarios, leading to outcomes that are both accurate and aligned with user intent. The following frameworks provide structured approaches to different tasks, each with a specific focus. Continue Reading →

The Reboot of OpenAI

In a narrative that seems ripped from a tech support forum, OpenAI just unplugged Sam Altman, waited 10 seconds, then plugged him back in. It's the universal tech fix – and it looks like it worked. But since Sam is OpenAI's fourth CEO in as many days, let's not just assume the crazy is over. Continue Reading →


Is Sam going back to OpenAI? It's anyone's guess. (I'm not sure Sam could even answer that question right now.) Continue Reading →

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