Case Study: Industrial Internet (IoT) Strategy

An innovative trade exhibition company who had previous success in specific trade verticals wished to expand into an experiential product showcase that could include both business-to-business and consumer engagements.

Client Challenges

To understand the feasibility and key success factors for this large-scale innovative showcase, the company needed to:

  • Identify the market position the facility would occupy.
  • Identify and evaluate interest from the potential participating companies.
  • Define the technology requirements of operating a state-of-the-art “smart building.”
  • Engage potential participants in business discussions.

The Palmer Group Solution

To address the company’s market and participant needs, The Palmer Group:

  • Evaluated and defined the changing trade exhibition market.
  • Identified key potential participants and engaged them in specific business discussions.
  • Outlined breakthrough smart building feature set to help create a “Building as a Service” operating system.


The company is advancing into launch-stage activities and engaging with major global companies to participate in what will be a unique opportunity to provide experiential engagement for the participants with both their trade partners and consumers.