Artificial Intelligence

An executive guide to the world of generative AI

We’ll help your workforce use generative AI to automate repetitive tasks, enhance decision-making processes, and enable faster and more efficient communication.

Leverage our deep-knowledge expertise to help your company increase productivity and create value.

Shelly Palmer – Keynote Speaker

If you need a speaker to break AI down into its component parts, make the concepts understandable, and explain how you can use the technology to create value for your organization — please consider Shelly Palmer for a keynote speech, lecture/lab or workshop.

Generative AI Workshops

Unlock the transformative power of Generative AI with a bespoke workshop designed exclusively for your company by Shelly Palmer.

Our workshops are guaranteed to increase productivity and create immediate value across your organization.

AI Resource Center

Get access to the latest insights and resources on artificial intelligence and the decentralized web, including practical use cases, technical deep dives, and more.

Generative AI for Executives

Our free-to-use, hands-on learning center where you’ll learn about the world of artificial intelligence. Learn more.

How to Start Using ChatGPT

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT have revolutionized how we do work. The best way to get started? It’s easy: just start using it! Learn more.

Creating Marketing Copy with ChatGPT

To get the most out of ChatGPT, it’s best to use variable inputs that can be individually modified as needed. Learn more.

Midjourney Reference Art

Generative AI apps can create art in the style of nearly any known artist. Here is reference work to get you started. Learn more.

AI Tools for Designers

Generative AI art tools are empowering graphic designers to push creative boundaries and elevate their craft. Learn more.

AI in Entertainment

A list of companies using artificial intelligence in the worlds of gaming, film, TV, and beyond. Learn more.

AI in Fashion

AI is being used by fashion brands to create personalized experiences and stunning designs. Learn more.

AI in Health and Medical

A list of the companies using artificial intelligence in the health and medical fields. Learn more.

AI in Retail

A list of the biggest retail brands turning to generative AI to drive growth and improve their bottom line. Learn more.

AI in Sports

A list of companies empowering both amateur athletes and professional sports leagues through artificial intelligence. Learn more.

AI Influencers

Many brands use virtual influencers to create highly targeted and personalized content to resonate with specific audiences. Learn more.

AI in Education

A list of companies using artificial intelligence in the worlds of education and academia. Learn more.

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