AI in Sports

How AI is being used by amateur athletes and professional sports leagues.

From enhancing player performance to revolutionizing fan engagement, artificial intelligence is changing the game for sports leagues and teams. Discover how machine learning, computer vision, and other AI technologies are transforming the way we play, watch, and experience sports.

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Catapult Sports x Professional Soccer Teams

Catapult Sports has developed AI-based technologies for soccer teams that utilize wearable devices to track players’ physical performance and provide data for analysis. These technologies include machine learning algorithms for predicting injury risk, computer vision for analyzing players’ movements, and natural language processing for generating reports on player performance.

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Garmin Coach

Garmin Coach is a virtual personal training feature that uses machine learning algorithms to provide customized training plans based on the user’s fitness level and goals. The AI technology analyzes the user’s performance data from Garmin wearables and adjusts the training plan accordingly to optimize the user’s progress toward their goals. Garmin Coach can adapt to changes in the user’s schedule or fitness level, making it a personalized and flexible virtual training solution.

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International Olympic Committee (IOC) x Intel

Intel partnered with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to develop AI-based technologies such as Intel True VR, 3D athlete tracking, machine learning algorithms for analytics, and AI-powered drones for broadcasting and analysis during the Olympic Games.

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Major League Baseball (MLB) x AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnered with MLB to develop AI-based technologies, such as machine learning algorithms, computer vision, and natural language processing, to improve the fan experience and player performance. AWS also uses its cloud infrastructure to store and process game data.

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Mercedes-Benz Stadium x IBM

IBM Watson’s natural language processing is used for virtual assistance and communication with fans, computer vision for crowd management and security, and machine learning algorithms for predicting stadium maintenance needs. Additionally, IBM uses its cloud infrastructure to store and process large amounts of data generated during events.

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NBA x Microsoft

The NBA has partnered with Microsoft to use its AI-powered Azure platform to analyze social media data and provide personalized fan experiences. This includes using AI to create personalized highlight reels and curate content based on fans’ preferences.

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NBA x Second Spectrum

NBA has partnered with Second Spectrum to use computer vision and machine learning algorithms to track player movements on the court in real time. This data is then used to generate insights and analysis that can be used to improve performance, prevent injuries, and support strategic decision-making by coaches and teams.

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The NFL and AWS have launched a challenge to crowdsource ways to use AI to identify and track players on the field in order to improve the efficiency and accuracy of player identification. The challenge invites participants to develop machine learning models that can accurately identify players in game footage, with the aim of advancing the state-of-the-art in automated player tracking and potentially enhancing the viewing experience for fans.

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NFL x Zebra

Zebra Technology uses RFID tags and sensors to track players’ movements on the field in games. This data is then analyzed using AI algorithms to provide insights into player performance and support strategic decision-making by coaches and teams.

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ShotTracker x Catapult

ShotTracker, in partnership with Catapult, uses a combination of computer vision and data analytics technology to track the movements of basketball players and the ball during games and practices. The system employs sensors installed in the arena, worn by players, and attached to the basketball to collect data on player and ball movements, which are then analyzed to provide insights on individual and team performance. The technology helps coaches and players make more informed decisions by providing real-time data and actionable insights.

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US Open Partnership x IBM

To help the US Open stay on the cutting edge of customer experience, IBM iX, the experience design partner within IBM Consulting, co-created a powerful platform of innovation with the USTA: an open, flexible combination of hybrid cloud and AI, capable of transforming massive volumes of tennis data into meaningful insight.

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Zone7 x Napoli

Zone7 partnered with Napoli, an Italian football club, to provide AI-powered injury prevention and performance optimization solutions. Zone7’s technology analyzes player data, such as biometric and training data, to identify patterns and predict potential injuries or fatigue. The AI algorithms behind Zone7’s technology provide personalized training and recovery recommendations, helping optimize player performance while minimizing the risk of injury.

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