Branding and the Art of Zen

While hosting a brand session in Kyoto, I was able to visit the Ryoanji Temple. Just like millions others, I didn’t come for the temple, I came for The Rock Garden. Built in the 15th century, the garden consists of raked gravel and fifteen moss-covered boulders, which are placed so that, when looking at the garden Continue Reading →
The Amazing Race
Last week’s episode of The Amazing Race was the most uncomfortable ever and strangely last night’s episode was the most comfortable ever.  Last week brother and sister couple, Justin and Jennifer, fought, shouted, yelled, screamed, bickered, and argued during the entire episode.  They even argued when they were simply waiting for a train and not Continue Reading →
Social scientists are trying to use the massive amount of data created online to predict the future. The government funded “data eye in the sky” will analyze publicly accessible data like Internet traffic and Wikipedia changes to predict patterns of human activity. Read the full article at Continue Reading →
[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] Netflix has quickly reversed course on its plan to split its streaming and DVD-by-mail services. Despite confusing customers by flip-flopping on the company’s course of action, the decision will be beneficial for subscribers. If you still rent DVDs and stream movies, you can manage it all from Continue Reading →
Steve Jobs
I am profoundly saddened by Steve Jobs passing. His vision and unique ability to execute changed the world many times over. Some people say that no one ever truly dies until they are forgotten. I believe that this is true. If it is, Steve will live in the hearts and minds of all of loved Continue Reading →
The FCC announced last week that it is throwing out the Fairness Doctrine along with 80 other rules it considers “outdated and obsolete.” The Fairness Doctrine was originally put into effect in 1949 by the FCC to ensure that radio stations and, at the time, the few newly licensed TV stations presented opposing views of controversial issues of Continue Reading →
Burger King has killed off their advertising mascot, if that’s the right word for a plastic-faced man. During more than 50 years, the king morphed from a sign to an animated character to a creepy part-man-part-super-sized-mask. You can take a look at several commercials on the hubze blog that will make you wonder why they Continue Reading →
HAIFA, ISRAEL — August 2, 2011 The annual international conference, run by the Wikimedia community, and organized by a different local team each year, will be attended by 650 Wikipedia editors, Wikimedia advocates, free content promoters, researchers and educators from 56 countries.  This week attendees will gather at the Haifa Auditorium on Mt. Carmel to take Continue Reading →
A recent survey measured user satisfaction of companies and Facebook ranked in the bottom 6%. Facebook received a score of 66, well below the social media leaders Wikipedia and YouTube. The survey reminds Facebook that it’s not immune to competition. Read the full article at Continue Reading →
[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] The FBI recently arrested over a dozen people in the United States suspected of being members of the hacker group Anonymous. The nationwide investigations pulled hackers out of New York, California, New Jersey and Florida. Alleged members of Anonymous have been arrested worldwide for attacking government and Continue Reading →