Adobe, in collaboration with the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), has launched the "icon of transparency." This symbol – embeddable in images, videos, and PDFs – reveals content provenance, including its creation via AI tools. When viewers encounter this icon online, hovering over it discloses details about the content's ownership, the AI tool utilized, and other production specifics. Continue Reading →
Adobe has launched Firefly for Enterprise, a platform that enables users to generate images or copy from text-based descriptions. Accessible via either the standalone Firefly application, Adobe's Creative Cloud, or Adobe Express, the AI model can be trained with branded company assets to maintain brand consistency in content generation. Continue Reading →

AI Hiding In Plain Sight

This is absolutely the year of AI, and the announcements are just going to keep on coming. One of the biggest opportunities for value creation in the next few years will be companies that leverage the base layers provided by large language models and finely tune highly-specialized middle layers above them. Continue Reading →