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Illustration created by DALL-E with the prompt “A 16×9 painting combining all of the functions of generative AI music production (text-to-music) including co-arranger, co-orchestrator, co-audio engineer, co-musician(s), co-producer, along with fully automated mixing, mastering, and packaging for distribution. colorful, beautiful, welcoming, fascinating, bright, dreamy”


I just started working on a vast music project that is screaming to be done in partnership with an AI co-arranger, co-orchestrator, co-audio engineer, co-musician(s), co-producer, along with fully automated mixing, mastering, and packaging for distribution. Do all of these functions exist in one AI platform? Not at a level that I would deem capable of producing music on par with work done by human beings using state of the art tools.

That said, I’ve been paying close attention to several AI music tools over the past few years – carefully monitoring AI’s infusion into each aspect of the music realization process – the journey music goes through from being heard only in one’s mind’s ear to being heard and felt by others.

Because of AI’s new-found popularity (and some advances in consumer access to the technology) new apps seem to surface daily. So, I’m asking the hive mind to help me research the best of the best AI music generators – click here to make a suggestion.

If you’re wondering what AI music generators are, you can think of them as sophisticated tools that create music using various technologies, including neural networks and machine learning algorithms. These generators can produce unique compositions or emulate existing styles, with some offering instant music generation and others requiring pre-training on music datasets. They offer a range of functionalities to suit both novices and professionals, streamlining the music creation process and fostering innovation in the field. Here’s an alphabetical list of notable (pardon the pun) AI music generators:

Aimi offers a unique, interactive music player that allows users to directly influence the composition of music in real-time, providing a personalized music experience. Additionally, Aimi Studio leverages AI for music creation, aiding both novice and experienced creators in transforming their musical ideas into reality with ease and creative liberty.

AIVA has been recognized for its capability to compose music for a range of media, including games and films. It simplifies the creation process by offering preset styles and allows for modifications to existing tracks, bypassing complex licensing issues.

Algonaut Atlas 2 analyzes the user’s music library to produce new compositions, equipped with a library of sounds and the ability to create MIDI files.

Amadeus Code is an iOS app that allows for quick melody composition, drawing from chord progressions of famous songs to inspire new creations. It supports gesture-based composition and exports to audio editing software, with payment required for song retention.

AudioCipher is a word-to-MIDI music generator that enables users to type in a phrase and instantly create melodies and chord progressions. It helps break through creative blocks by offering a variety of scales, chords, and rhythms to generate unlimited musical variations.

BandLab SongStarter is a creative platform for music composition, offering collaboration features and a developer API for integration into other software.

Beatoven.AI simplifies the process for content creators to generate royalty-free background music using AI. Users can choose from various genres and moods, make cuts to match content changes, and allow the AI to compose unique tracks, enhancing content creation with personalized music.

Boomy is a unique tool that allows for quick song creation, offering users the opportunity to earn streaming revenue. It generates complete songs based on selected criteria, with each user receiving a personalized profile for optimized music creation. provides music designed to improve focus, relaxation, and sleep, using AI to tailor compositions to the listener’s brainwaves and desired cognitive state.

Covers.AI is a versatile AI music generator platform, offering an easy-to-use AI voice generator that allows users to create songs effortlessly. Users can simply sing, and the AI handles the technical aspects, transforming their input into a new song in minutes. The platform also enables the creation of AI covers using a wide array of voices from famous personalities and fictional characters.

Ecrett Music is designed for ease of use, offering a vast selection of scenes, moods, and genres. It provides a royalty-free music generator, ensuring hassle-free music creation for videos and games.

Endel is a neuroscience-backed technology that generates personalized soundscapes to aid in focus, relaxation, and sleep. Its patented system adapts in real-time to various inputs like the time of day, weather, heart rate, and location, effectively improving focus and reducing stress through its responsive sound environments.

Jukebox from OpenAI is capable of generating lyrics and melodies in various styles, offering a versatile tool for music creation.

Kits.AI offers a diverse palette of AI voices, allowing users to craft demos and vocal harmonies with artist-like precision. It provides a platform for easy conversion of audio into various AI voices, the creation of custom voice models, realistic speech generation, and the ability to split songs into vocals and instrumentals for remixing.

Lemonaide Music features Lemonaide Seeds, a tool for generating melodic ideas, aimed at pushing musicians out of their comfort zones and seeding new hits. It allows users to generate melody and chords or melodies using AI, with the ability to drag and drop generated files into a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and influence AI output by selecting keys and moods.

Loudly allows for the quick creation of custom audio tracks, combining machine learning with music theory for a variety of projects.

Magenta Studio is an Ableton Live plugin built on Magenta’s open source tools and models. They use cutting-edge machine learning techniques for music generation.

Melobytes is a creative tool for generating music tracks, offering an intuitive interface and compatibility with multiple operating systems.

MuseNet by OpenAI is a MIDI generator that creates compositions in various styles. Based on the GPT-2 model, it can be trained to produce music in specific genres and is compatible with standard MIDI players.

Musicfy is an AI-based music creation tool that enables users to create music using their voice and leverages advanced AI technology to enhance musical production. It is designed to save time, streamline collaboration, and align artistic vision, making the music-making process more efficient and inspired.

MusicGen is a unique AI music generation tool that utilizes a single-stage transformer Language Model to process multiple streams of music data efficiently. It can generate high-quality music samples based on textual descriptions or melodic features, outperforming standard models in empirical evaluations.

ORB Composer assists composers in generating new music across different genres. It offers a user-friendly interface with a range of editing tools and sound libraries.

Quick Lyrics AI generates song lyrics using AI, providing a resource for songwriters to inspire or assist in lyric creation, with attention to copyright considerations.

Soundraw combines AI with manual tools to offer a platform for creating and customizing music. It features a song generator accessible to all, with unlimited downloads available via subscript.

Soundry AI offers text-to-sample generation for music producers, sound designers, and songwriters. It boasts an AI text-to-sound generator capable of creating studio-quality audio samples, providing unlimited musical variations, faster production than traditional sound design, and royalty-free samples.

The DJ offers a personalized music listening experience on Spotify. This AI guide, currently in beta, understands users’ music tastes to such an extent that it can autonomously select songs to play.

Uberduck.AI specializes in synthetic singing and rapping vocals, aimed at creative agencies, musicians, and coders. It features an AI rap generator where users can choose beats, generate or write lyrics, select a voice, and create a rap song that can be downloaded as audio or video. The platform is used by DJs and iconic brands worldwide.

Voicify AI is a leading platform specialized in creating high-quality AI covers of songs using a vast array of over 3000 AI voice models. This platform allows users to instantly generate AI covers with their favorite voices, making it a go-to choice for experiencing the future of music through AI voice cloning. It boasts regular platform updates, lifetime conversion history access, and secure data handling, serving a community of over one million users​.

Wave AI has two interesting tools: LyricStudio designed to help you write song lyrics and MelodyStudio which helps with songwriting.

Author’s note: This is not a sponsored post. I am the author of this article and it expresses my own opinions. I am not, nor is my company, receiving compensation for it. This work was created with the assistance of various generative AI models.

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