5 iPad Apps to Help Your Child Learn Spanish

Spanish Apps for Kids

Pre-schoolers who learn a second language tend to increase their understanding and study habits in relation to other academic pursuits. If your kiddo shows a knack for Spanish, it’s best to get them started with vocabulary acquisition. These apps in particular are tailored to meet them at their undeveloped skill level.

Little Pim Spanish ($2.99)

Little Pim Spanish offers a barrel full of interactive learning for our youngest Spanish learners. This app has all of the features that educators look for in an app, and young children are sure to walk away from their experiences with Pim learning some Spanish. Pim teaches kids Spanish vocabulary in context and asks kids to distinguish terms between others as they learn them. And when kids have success, Pim reinforces their success with praise.

(Curated by Chris Atkinson)

Wordzine ($0.99)

Wordzine is fun, colorful and engages young kids into a Spanish vocabulary learning experience. The app also goes beyond just Spanish by offering seven other languages in which to learn vocabulary. Picture and word association for fluent vocabulary is the main function of this app. Kids can pick from the following areas to get started: street, school, fashion, super market, travel, circus, kitchen, home, hospital, toy shop, people and beach. Once they open an area they are given colorful artful images that they can tap and once tapped the Spanish and then they are given the English and Spanish pronunciations, both verbally and visually.

(Curated by Chris Atkinson)

Learn Spanish with Lingo Arcade (Free)

The four unique and creative games that showcase more than 3,000 words, phrases and sentences are a great value and best bang for your buck in this category. There is a series of fast-paced quiz games focused on vocabulary and sentence construction. A word is spoken and presented on the screen, and players choose from two possibilities. The tutorial is limited, but players with a very rudimentary understanding of the language will pick it up quickly.

(Curated by Leslie Morris)

Spanish Word Wizard ($2.99)

For elementary school students capable of speaking – or at least interpreting – functional Spanish, this is the best app to hone spelling and word-construction skills. Its text-to-speech technology is designed to pronounce and spell-check virtually every word in the Spanish language. Spanish Word Wizard is best used with a tutor or someone fluent in the language, as it is “immersive” and offers limited instructions in English. Accordingly, this app not only provides multiple “Speak and Spell”-like word exercises, but also previews what it will be like to participate in a Spanish-only classroom environment.

(Curated by Leslie Morris)

Gus on the Go: Spanish for Kids ($3.99)

This app is both inviting and accessible enough for a kindergartner to pick up and play without much parental instruction or prodding. Words are pronounced in a native voice during a useful tutorial and over the course each game. For starters, Gus on the Go identifies and pronounces about 90 different Spanish words (all in basic categories including animals, shapes and numbers). The quiz mode presents a word audibly and at the top of the screen. Players can tap one of four beautifully illustrated options to find the right answer.

(Curated by Leslie Morris)

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