Join Shelly Palmer as he dives into the upcoming iOS 17 software update for iPhones, releasing this fall. Shelly offers Dan Bowens and Tashanea Whitlow on Fox 5's Good Day New York an exclusive preview of the top new features, including automatic deletion of verification codes for two-factor authentication, the 'Name Drop' feature for wireless contact sharing, and the improved Apple Maps which now functions offline. Continue Reading →
Google One now includes Magic Eraser at no additional cost to all iOS and Android users. Shelly Palmer speaks with Bianca Peters and Robert Moses on Fox 5's Good Day New York about the feature -- and why Google is including it for free. Continue Reading →

Apple Wants 30% of Gas Fees

According to Coinbase Wallet (a very popular cryptocurrency and NFT wallet), Apple would not approve an update to its app until it removed a feature that allowed users to transfer NFTs. Apple believes it is entitled to 30% of the transaction fees ("gas fees" in crypto parlance) paid to blockchain validators and miners whenever an NFT is sent from a Coinbase Wallet. Continue Reading →
Apple's new iPhone 14 is finally here, and iOS 16 is now available for everyone with an iPhone 8 or later. Shelly Palmer speaks with Dan Bowens and Tashanea Whitlow on Fox 5's Good Day New York about what's new, how to use these new features, and what you should care about the most. Continue Reading →

Do You Need an iPhone 13?

Apple just unveiled a slew of new hardware, including four new iPhones. Shelly Palmer talks with Bianca Peters and Robert Moses about the new hardware, as well as the new Apple software updates -- and why you should update your Apple devices today. Continue Reading →
Facebook was quite vocal about its opposition to Apple's ATT (AppTracking Technology). The social media giant feared that its implementation in iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 would significantly damage its Facebook Audience Network business. They were right. Very, very right. Continue Reading →