Zoom’s AI Copilot is Free

Zoom has announced AI Companion, its free AI Copilot. This generative AI assistant (previously known as Zoom IQ) is designed to enhance user productivity and collaboration by aiding in chat composition, providing meeting recaps, segmenting cloud recordings into smart chapters, and even offering real-time feedback on communication patterns. Notably, Zoom is offering this feature at no additional cost to users with a paid account; update your Zoom app to start using AI Companion. Continue Reading →

Who Are You on Zoom?

Bad Backlight
By now, you’ve Zoomed with ’em all: The guy who looks like an unmade bed and never looks at the camera. “Backlight guy” who thinks you can see his amazing back yard, but all you see is his dark silhouette against the blinding light coming through the window. The would-be influencer who stares straight into her webcam, pushes out her chin and slightly clocks her shoulders until she’s ready for her close-up. The bald guy (whose head you know like the back of your hand) who, unfortunately, never looks up at the camera. The “check out my awesome greenscreen background" person. And, of course, the motion sickness–inducing “selfie rover.” By now, you’ve Zoomed with ’em all, and they’ve all Zoomed with you. Continue Reading →

Zoom Fatigue

Shelly Palmer on Fox 5
Shelly Palmer talks with Bianca Peters about Zoom fatigue and what you can do about it on Fox 5's Good Day New York. Original Airdate: May 12, 2020 Continue Reading →