Amazon Q: A New AI Assistant

Amazon announced a full slate of new products and services at its re:Invent 2023 conference, but the star of the show was undoubtedly the introduction of "Q," an AI-powered chatbot designed to streamline various business operations for AWS (Amazon Web Services) customers. Continue Reading →

The Reboot of OpenAI

In a narrative that seems ripped from a tech support forum, OpenAI just unplugged Sam Altman, waited 10 seconds, then plugged him back in. It's the universal tech fix – and it looks like it worked. But since Sam is OpenAI's fourth CEO in as many days, let's not just assume the crazy is over. Continue Reading →


Is Sam going back to OpenAI? It's anyone's guess. (I'm not sure Sam could even answer that question right now.) Continue Reading →

Where’s Sam?

You're the detective in a high-tech game of hide-and-seek, sifting through the digital landscape to find Sam Altman. Welcome to "Where's Sam?" The rules? Who knows? They're making them up as they go along. Continue Reading →
I started working on an AI music project a few weeks ago, and I have been building a tech stack and workflow to take published songs and super-automate the process of arranging and producing them in well-known genres. It seems like I've started this project at the right time because every morning I wake up to some new and awesome app that will help me get this done in new and awesome ways. Continue Reading →