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Girl Uses iPod To Avert Being Kidnapped A 12-year-old Delaware girl avoided a kidnapper by pretending she iPod was on an iPhone. The girl was waiting outside of her middle school for a ride, when a man in a white van pulled up and commanded she get in the van. The potential kidnapper immediately fled Continue Reading →

Apple Is Suing Motorola

Apple Is Suing Motorola Apple is suing Motorola for infringing upon three of its iPhone patents. Apple claims that Motorola’s Droid uses Apple’s touchscreen software and other display technologies. According to Apple, Motorola’s activities “have caused and will continue to cause Apple irreparable harm.” AOL Redesigns Its Homepage AOL has redesigned its homepage in hopes Continue Reading →

Verizon Settles With The FCC

Verizon Settles With The FCC An FCC investigation found that Verizon Wireless was unfairly charging customers, who didn’t have data plans, for accidently accessing the web on their phones. Verizon has agreed to pay $25 million to the federal government and $52 million to the 15 million customers who received the charges. This is the Continue Reading →

Myspace Gets Redesigned

Myspace Gets Redesigned Myspace is hoping a website redesign will help make the site more relevant in the social-networking world. The new site features video sharing, music and games. News Corp purchased the site in 2005 for $580 million and has struggled ever since to compete with Facebook. Want An White iPhone 4? The release Continue Reading →
U.S. Army To Arm Troops, With Smartphones The U.S. Army wants to better equip troops, with the help of smartphones. The Army’s Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) program is being developed to help provide ground troops with better information. One of the goals is to stream video surveillance taken from the air directly to a Continue Reading →
Share e-Books With Your Kindle, Finally! Amazon will finally let Kindle users swap e-books with other Kindle owners. Amazon announced that Kindle users could start lending e-books to friends for a 14-day period. However, during that time the lender does not have access to the book. Also, not every book will be available for sharing, Continue Reading →

The HP Slate Tablet Is Here

The HP Slate Tablet Is Here HP has finally launched its tablet, the HP Slate, which is geared towards business professionals. Priced at $800, the Slate runs Windows 7 and features an 8.9-inch touchscreen with both front and rear cameras. Microsoft’s Chief Executive, Steve Ballmer, has named the Slate an “iPad Killer.” We’ll see… Texas Continue Reading → Sells Sells The domain name, which is regarded as one of the most valuable domain names in the world, sold for $13 million. The domain name was sold by the bankrupt firm, Escom, who originally purchased the domain for $14 million in 2006. It is unknown what the domain’s new owner, Clover Holdings, has Continue Reading →

What’s New at Apple?

What’s New at Apple? Apple CEO, Steve Jobs unveiled an updated version of the MacBook Air on Wednesday, that uses flash memory for storage instead of a hard drive. The new MacBook Air laptops are priced between $999 and $1599. Jobs also announced the new Mac OS X “Lion.” The new Mac operating system features Continue Reading →
Verizon Introduces Capped Data Plan Following AT&T’s move earlier this year, Verizon Wireless will begin offering a capped data plan. The $15 monthly plan allows users 150 megabytes of data usage, which is approximately 900 web page views per month, and will charge for any additional data used. Unlike AT&T, Verizon will still offer it’s Continue Reading →

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