What’s New at Apple?

What’s New at Apple?
Apple CEO, Steve Jobs unveiled an updated version of the MacBook Air on Wednesday, that uses flash memory for storage instead of a hard drive. The new MacBook Air laptops are priced between $999 and $1599. Jobs also announced the new Mac OS X “Lion.” The new Mac operating system features an iTunes like app store for Mac software and will be available next summer.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Less Expensive Than iPad
Samsung’s Galaxy Tab will be available at Verizon starting November 11th and will sell for $600. The Galaxy Tab is one of the first iPad competitors to hit the market and is priced $30 below the iPad. In addition to the Galaxy Tab, Verizon will begin selling the iPad at the end of October.

Want To Forget Your Ex?
Facebook is trying to help users move on from their past relationships. The site features a photo memory box that shows users pictures of their closest friends. Facebook determines what pictures to show based on an algorithm, which often features photos of exes. After users complained, Facebook stated they will no longer show users pictures of friends they were previously in a relationship with.

Man Goes To Great Lengths To Save Smartphone
Have you ever dropped your phone in the toilet? It happens more than one might think. Recently, an anonymous man in China dropped his phone in a public toilet and when he reached in to get the phone, his arm got stuck. Rescue workers were called to the scene and had to smash the toilet bowl and hammer at the pipes to set the man and his phone free.

Shelly Palmer Talks With Celebrity CMO, Jeff Hayzlett

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