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ION Audio

ION designs innovative products to simplify life and energize entertainment. ION was created in 2003 out of the desire to bridge the gap between the classic and the cutting-edge, between the timeless and the revolutionary. The USB turntable, invented by ION, gives vinyl enthusiasts the power to bring their music forward even as the music Continue Reading →
Are you klutzy? Spontaneous? Chaotic? Graceless? Otterbox is here to help. A company that knows what it’s like to drop your brand new shiny smartphone within days of purchase, so Otterbox offers protection for the devices you use the most. Otterbox started out making waterproof cases for outdoor enthusiasts, but has since expanded its focus Continue Reading →
Triune Systems is a semiconductor company that specializes in integrated circuit solutions for power management, energy harvesting and critical function, high-reliability applications. By focusing on continuous technical innovation, Triune enables its partners – in fields like solar power, medical products, defense industries and more – to provide more energy efficient solutions for a secure and Continue Reading →
Jetta Company Limited is a leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the toys industry. With more than 32 years of solid experience, Jetta has successfully developed sound and proven capabilities in engineering designs, product development, procurement, quality management and manufacturing planning control. Beginning in 1977 as a sub-contractor in the toy industry, the company’s size Continue Reading →
Gesture-based control is one of the hottest things in tech right now. From video games to televisions to laptops, it seems almost impossible to find an area of tech that doesn’t feature gesture or motion-based control. Who powers that control? Omek does. Omek’s most recent software is Beckon 3.0, which features advanced tools and technology Continue Reading →
TOSY says its mission is to make robots available everywhere, change lifestyles and help save lives during times of disaster. Sci-fi moviemakers have enchanted audience worldwide with the idea of a futuristic world where robots are programmed to live alongside and assist humans. TOSY wants to give you more than just an idea; it want Continue Reading →
ANT+ is the wireless technology that allows your monitoring devices to talk to each other. Leading brands design ANT+ into top products to ensure that you get the data you want – when and where you want it. Fundamentally, ANT+ gives you the simplest, most expandable and most reliable user experience possible. ANT+ stands for Continue Reading →
Qualcomm provides the power behind many of your favorite gadgets. One of the best and most powerful phone processors on the market today is the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, which powers dozens of Android and Windows mobile devices. But Qualcomm does more than power your phone. It’s about revolutionizing the world and the idea of mobile. Continue Reading →
Toshiba America Information Systems is a subsidiary of Toshiba, and is home to all the award-winning digital products and consumer electronics you’ve come to know and love. Things like laptops, all-in-one PCs, tablets, televisions, TV/DVD combination products, Blu-ray and DVD products… Toshiba has proven time and time again that it is one of the leaders Continue Reading →
Nexia Home Intelligence is a new way to run your home, from wherever life takes you. Nexia has brought together the best home automation technology with a simple way to manage it from a distance. The Nexia system uses the latest wireless technology —out of the way and invisible—so there’s nothing to figure out. It Continue Reading →

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