CES 2013 Self-Guided Tour

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Energenie is a pioneer in energy management. Its goal is simple: it wants to help you cut down on the amount of energy you use in your home.  This will save you money, of course, but using less energy is good for the environment and proper energy management even reduces the risk of fires caused Continue Reading →
Nokia make phones. While you’re here, you should check out the full range of Nokia’s feature and smartphone offerings. If you ask around, you’ll see some Nokia phones powered by Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8, which are definitely worth a look. For those who keep tabs on news from the world of tech, few will likely Continue Reading →
With an electronics giant the size of Sony, it doesn’t make sense to try to cover everything you can see here – the exhibit is huge and there are literally hundreds of extraordinary consumer electronics products on display.  That said, if you really want to see something, you have to check out Sony’s new 84″ Continue Reading →
Are we really living in a post-PC world?  There are hundreds of tablet and smartphone solutions, but – like last year, one of this year’s biggest stories is about Ultrabooks with Intel inside. The Ultrabook story is going to be all over the Intel Exhibit.  Look for examples from your favorite computer manufacturers.  Of course, Continue Reading →
With more than 160 years of materials science and process engineering knowledge, Corning is the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics. While it’s famous for the Gorilla Glass used in iDevices, Corning is equally laudable for the Willow and Lotus glass screens used in some of Samsung’s extraordinary smart phones. Corning is more than Continue Reading →
Love physical keyboards, but hate keyboard clicks?  You’re in luck.  This is Matias, maker of the Quiet Pro, the world’s quietest mechanical keyboard. Over two years in the making, Matias has models for both Mac and PC.  The Quiet Pro offers more than just quiet keystrokes, the keyboard comes with three USB ports, audio and Continue Reading →
Ever wonder how standards help popularize technology?  One great example is the ZigBee Alliance. Established in 2002, ZigBee is an open, non-profit association of members that has created a thriving global ecosystem. Anyone can join our membership comprised of businesses, universities and government agencies from around the globe. Our activities and direction are determined by Continue Reading →
iHealth Lab Inc.
iHealth Labs takes mobile technology and uses it to champion personal health. By designing innovative, mobile personal healthcare products for everyone, iHealth Labs helps us self-monitor our weight, blood pressure and other vital statistics. What makes iHealth special is the way it takes this data and moves it beyond the device to a platform where Continue Reading →
Grand Care Systems
You might think the best use of home automation and monitoring is to create a “home of the future.”  I disagree, one of the best uses for home automation and monitoring systems is to help people who need assistance live their lives independently and safely while being fully connected to the outside world.  Welcome to Continue Reading →
Here at iPort you’re going to find the world’s first in-wall digital media system for iDevices. iPort’s newest line of in-wall digital media systems is the IW-2 Series, which allows an iPod or iPod Touch to become a part of your whole-home entertainment system, as well as in virtually any other environment, from hotel rooms Continue Reading →

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