Nokia Nokia make phones. While you’re here, you should check out the full range of Nokia’s feature and smartphone offerings. If you ask around, you’ll see some Nokia phones powered by Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8, which are definitely worth a look. For those who keep tabs on news from the world of tech, few will likely ever forget 2012 as the year that Apple finally messed up. When Apple launched iOS 6, they eliminated Google Maps from iOS and replaced them with the train wreck we know as Apple Maps. Things got so bad, in fact, that Apple CEO Tim Cook came out and said he knows their maps are terrible, and suggests using another company’s maps, like Nokia. Huh? Nokia has maps? You bet, and they’re excellent! When you use Nokia Maps, you will notice some unique features such as cached maps, which lets you choose an area and zoom level for any location for your phone to download all the data it needs so you can access the maps offline. Lose cell service when going through a tunnel? Not a problem: Nokia’s maps saved your area locally, so it still knows where to bring you. Nokia’s Maps are also smart enough to know not only WHERE you’re going but WHEN you’re traveling. It takes all the data its servers have received from other travelers and provides you with the best route based on where traffic is lightest at that time of day. The freeway’s backed up? Yeah, Nokia Maps knows that and will re-direct you accordingly. Pretty great. One other really cool idea is its “Collections” feature. Planning a road trip and want to keep all saved locations in one place? It’s a quick and easy way to plot points on a map, and a great way to keep all the research you’ve done in one centralized location. Apple Maps? Google Maps? Who need them? Nokia Maps are definitely worth checking out.

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