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The speed of information is directly equated to economic success. If you learn something before your competitor does and you have the tools to make the knowledge actionable, you are almost always going to profit from it. So, while it’s true that “knowledge is power,” the true power comes from the speed with which you can create information asymmetry in a transactional environment. This is the goal of our new online innovation briefings.

What’s New? What’s Next? What Does It Mean for Your Business?

What’s new? And what’s next? Those are easy questions. Tag a few keywords, and you’ll get all the information you can possibly consume delivered to your smartphone 24/7. But if that’s not your full-time job, how do you make all that information actionable? How do you separate the signal from the noise? How do you determine what is real and what is vaporware? How do you score the quality of the technology? Estimate time to market? And then, how do you communicate the information to your team and get a consensus?

Online Innovation Briefings

Our online innovation briefings are custom-curated, quarterly updates that examine consumer trends, emerging technologies, and disruptive innovation. We create value by keeping you up to date and helping you make the knowledge actionable. Sessions typically include a keynote address, guest speakers, and a facilitated workshop designed to explore potential business implications, score urgency, and define action items.

Any Video Tech Will Work

Now that everyone on your team can easily attend video conferences, the tools are in place to participate in our custom-curated online innovation briefings. Our interactive online innovation briefings work perfectly on any video conferencing platform: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Google Meet, FaceTime, etc.

Why Is This Better Executive Intelligence?

The idea of quarterly briefs or intelligence updates is not new. We’ve been doing them for years. If you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance that you are on our daily email list and you know we specialize in making knowledge actionable. But the volume and velocity of content creation are increasing and accelerating. No matter the topic, you are sure to find hours of video, dozens or hundreds of blog posts, hundreds or thousands of social media posts, and any number of podcasts and memes. Sifting through this amount of information not only requires a significant investment of time and resources, it requires an understanding of cross-industry business disciplines that your internal team may not possess.

During our online innovation briefings, we take the latest executive intelligence and present it in the context of your business goals. Then, we facilitate a Socratic discussion to help you and your team determine the best courses of action. Should you react? Should you respond? Should a new technology be put on a watch list? Should you make an investment?

At the end of each session, the outcomes are real, actionable, and well communicated across your team. And 90-days later, the action items are reviewed and adapted to the latest available information. It is a time-tested methodology made better by the advent of new online video meeting capabilities.

Getting Started

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