Snapchat Cameo

Snapchat will launch on December 18 a new feature called Cameo that will allow you to put your face onto short looping videos. This is a “shallowfake,” meaning that you know it’s fake, and so does everyone else who is watching. There is no attempt to fool anyone. It’s basically a better version of Elf Yourself.

Unlike Elf Yourself (which is cute, but purpose-built), though, this technology is just a few taps away from Zao, an ever-evolving Chinese app that lets you insert your face on pretty much any video you choose.

From the first moment we saw deepfake technology, it was clear that it would quickly become available as a social media “filter.” Zao may not be on your phone, but you can download FaceApp to get a sense of where this technology is heading.

High-end face swapping using deepfake AI models will be used to make a lot of what you see this upcoming election season. Enjoy Cameo while the fun is still funny.


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