Microsoft's Wireless Display Adapater

Microsoft's Wireless Display Adapater

Google clearly landed on a fantastic formula when it built Chromecast, and that product’s standout success has led other companies to push out their own HDMI dongles in recent months. Roku’s got its $49.99 Streaming Stick, and now Microsoft is trying to create a worthy competitor with the brand new Wireless Display Adapter. No, names don’t get much more generic than that. But Microsoft’s device shares a lot in common with Chromecast. Its primary purpose is sending something you’re viewing on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to the TV screen (or a projector, since Microsoft is also targeting business users here). It’s also powered by USB, but unlike Chromecast, it looks like the USB cord is hardwired and can’t be unplugged or replaced, Whereas Google’s approach is based around the company’s own Cast technology, Microsoft is relying on Miracast to make the Display Adapter work.

Read the full story at The Verge.

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