Xbox One

Xbox One

Microsoft made many a gamer happy this past May when it announced a $400, Kinect-less version of its Xbox One, which was originally only available as a $500 bundle. However, those who jumped on the no-Kinect train with plans to buy one later are doing so at a cost; the peripheral will be sold separately starting Oct. 7 for $150, which means gamers will be paying a total of $50 extra compared to the original Xbox One package. In the official announcement post, the Xbox team notes that, despite the fact that Xbox One sales doubled after the release of the non-Kinect configuration, there is still a healthy demand for Microsoft’s motion-tracking and voice-recognition camera. The current lineup of Kinect-required Xbox One games is a mixed bag, as it includes the lauded Just Dance 2014, the ho-hum Kinect Sports Rivals and the flat-out-bad Fighter Within. The Kinect library will get a small boost this fall with Just Dance 2015, as well as Harmonix/Disney collaboration Fantasia: Music Evolved.

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