BingWindows Phone’s default search engine is, of course, Microsoft’s Bing, and yet almost half of customers who own a WP handset don’t seem to use it. According to market research firm Kantar Worldpanel, only 52% of Windows Phone users relied on Bing for their mobile searches in he fourth quarter of 2013. Reportedly, the rest of the users are “quickly switching” to Google, using either the official Google search app for WP, or in-browser search, thus “actively avoiding” Bing. That says a lot about Bing’s success as a search app for smartphones. Although we probably shouldn’t be surprised about this, since Google is comfortably leading the search engine wars on non-mobile devices.  Just like Google is offering an official search app for Windows Phone, Microsoft has a Bing app for Android, too. But this is far from being popular – for comparison, the Google Search Android app has 558,146 reviews in Google Play, while the Bing Android app only has 8,807 reviews.

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