YahooIn a quiet blog post after markets closed on Friday, Yahoo announced it will be “sunsetting” 12 of its services over the coming months, beginning as soon as today. Among the casualties is Yahoo Axis, a rather attractive and creative search browser the company debuted just one year ago. Also particularly relevant and perfectly timed: Yahoo is deep-sixing its RSS alerts, dovetailing exactly with the much bemoaned death of Google Reader on July 1. Users are encouraged to take up another of the company’s services, Yahoo Alerts, which relies on email to inform users of news. Another biggie: After nearly two decades of existence, Yahoo is putting a bullet in the head of search engine Alta Vista. ’Tis a sad day for first-gen dot-com types. To see the full list of dead products walking, go to Yahoo’s neat-and-tidy Tumblr post, here.

Read the full story at All Things D.

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