Delete Yahoo Groups: Where Does Data Go When It Dies?
You probably don’t have a Yahoo Group or know anyone who does. So you probably won’t care that Yahoo is shutting down Yahoo Groups. That said, while Yahoo is all but irrelevant today, there was a time when it was at the center of the online universe. The death notice says, “Beginning October 28, you Continue Reading →
Shelly Palmer
Shelly Palmers discusses Yahoo Mail's business practice of scanning user email accounts to gather data for targeted advertising with Sukanya Krishnan and Jennifer Lahmers on Fox 5’s Good Day New York. Original Air Date: September 4, 2018 Continue Reading →
Yahoo Verizon
When Verizon agreed to purchase Yahoo for $4.8 billion, it was the right price. Not because Yahoo was worth $4.8 billion, simply because it was the price Verizon was willing to pay. Valuations are all smoke and mirrors until someone is willing to write you a check. That is the moment (the only moment) you know the true value of anything. Continue Reading →
Yahoo Campus
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is in the hot seat; some investors are calling for her to step down, others want the company broken up and sold for parts, still others are concerned that the value of their investment is less than zero. So, does Yahoo have a right to exist in 2016? Continue Reading →
Yahoo servers were infiltrated in the past two weeks by hackers who exploited the widespread Shellshock vulnerability, according to an independent security researcher. Yahoo said on Monday that no user data was at risk. The Internet addresses of the breached Yahoo servers indicate that one was a Yahoo Sports server, according to a report by Continue Reading →
For an illuminating glimpse of government power in action, it’s hard to beat the fines the Justice Department threatened to level against Yahoo if it didn’t comply with a secret and sweeping surveillance request in 2008. News coverage of the case, for which documents were unsealed last week, reported the proposed fines as $250,000 a Continue Reading →
myMail announced on Wednesday that it is now the most-downloaded ‘alternative email app’ in the world. Having passed other apps including Mailbox and CloudMagic, myMail is the third-most-downloaded email app among all apps, trailing behind only Gmail and Yahoo Mail. myMail, which launched in November 2013, lets you easily manage multiple email accounts in a Continue Reading →
Yahoo users may have benefited most from the “Snowden effect.” The tech company was a laggard when it came to security practices until the NSA leaker’s disclosures made clear the extent to which weak security practices by tech companies are being exploited by talented hackers. It’s since hired a respected security researcher, Alex Stamos, to Continue Reading →