NetflixAre you watching a ton of Netflix? Then you had better make sure you’re getting fresh air and exercise. Because you’re probably not cutting back on your regular TV habit. That’s according to a new study from TiVo’s research unit, which says that Netflix subscribers are still watching as much TV as people who don’t have the streaming video service. In other words: Netflix subscribers watch a ton of TV, just like everyone else in America. And then they watch Netflix, too. It’s possible that the TiVo study is skewed a bit toward TV power-watchers, since it is tracking people who use the DVR to begin with. But it does back up Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’s argument, which he makes all the time: Netflix isn’t a substitute for TV, but rather an additional TV channel, like HBO. Hastings also argues that, even though he likes to see himself as an HBO, he’s not really competing with HBO, because lots of Netflix viewers watch HBO, too.

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