The television landscape is undergoing a seismic shift. According to Nielsen, traditional TV usage – which includes both broadcast and pay TV – fell below 50% for the first time ever in July. This decline is juxtaposed by the rise of streaming, which accounted for nearly 39% of TV usage in the same month. Continue Reading →
There are very few demonstrations of AI that leave me speechless. This one not only left me speechless, but it left me writerless, producerless, singerless, musicianless, directorless, showrunnerless, audio engineerless, video ops-less, actorless, animatorless, graphic artistless, just to name a few. Continue Reading →

Breaking the “TV” Law

The founders of Taiv had an idea: What if a sports bar owner could make an extra $500 every month by using technology to replace the commercials in TV broadcasts with commercials they sold themselves? It is an awesome idea. It is also a blatant theft of services. Continue Reading →

Are you ready for networked TV?

With the debut of Thursday Night Football on Amazon last week, we passed by a major milestone on our journey from network to networked TV. Amazon enjoyed a record number of Prime signups (the actual number has not been disclosed), and they got their products and services in front of a gigantic audience. It was a big win for Amazon. Continue Reading →

Television Disrupted

According to a Nielsen report, "Streaming claims largest piece of TV viewing pie in July," we have reached the inevitable future I (and many others) predicted 17 years ago when I put pen to paper. Continue Reading →
Whenever someone is struggling with the multitude of streaming services available on their smart devices, someone inevitably starts to wax poetic about the convenience of cable and the good ol' days (which everyone complained bitterly about back then, BTW). Continue Reading →