PS4 and Xbox One

PS4 and Xbox OneWell, it’s finally time to have this discussion. What should you buy, the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One? It helps that we’ve finally got some facts to work with in the new console war, instead of just chasing rumors and misinformation. So here’s the definitive look at how the two new consoles stack up against each other, and more importantly, what those comparisons actually mean. Price: A hundred bucks is nothing to laugh at, really, even when that investment is going to spread itself out over, presumably, the better part of a decade. At $500 the Xbox One costs more than the $400 PS4, and even the bundling of a super-powered Kinect 2 isn’t going to change that. There’s maybe equal value between the two, depending on how much you plan to use Kinect 2, but you don’t have a choice in the matter.

Read the full story at Gizmodo.

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