Google Now Launches on iPhone and iPad

Google Now

Google NowGoogle on Monday expands its predictive search tool Google Now from Android to iOS. Now is being made available in an update to the Google Search app, which is available on the App Store now. The app works from the Google Search app on either iPhone or iPad, and is fully opt-in. Because of the unique partitioned nature of iOS, Google Now can only be activated from within the Search app, and it must be turned on by a user, who will be prompted on launch of the updated app and must sign in to a Google account. Once you’ve given Now permission to turn itself on, it can be accessed inside the Search app only. This is one of the differences between Now in iOS vs Now on Android, but it’s mitigated a bit by the fact that you can swipe up in the Search app to activate Now, a gesture reminiscent of the way that you bring it up on Android.

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