Google Glass

Google GlassIf a now-deleted tweet is to be believed, Twitter may already have created an app for Google Glass. That’s TechCrunch’s conclusion, at least, as the technology news site has a story up this afternoon positing that someone may already have sent a tweet from an obviously as-yet-unannounced Twitter app for Google Glass. In the photo that’s embedded in the above tweet, it is possible to see that the tweet (assuming it actually existed) was sent from an app called Twitter for Glass. Since the tweet itself has been deleted, we’ll never know for sure — at least not unless or until Twitter actually releases such an app. On the other hand, the link to the photo itself still exists, even if the photo itself doesn’t — it resolves to a Twitter error page, but you can see the URL — suggesting that at the very least, TechCrunch hasn’t had its leg totally pulled.

Read the full story at CNET.

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