In just five days, Meta's new social media app, Threads has reached a groundbreaking 100 million users, becoming one of the fastest adopted apps ever. But is this new Twitter alternative truly worthy of the hype? Original airdate: July 11, 2023. Continue Reading →

My Threads Strategy

Since Threads launched, I've read dozens of articles and hundreds of posts from pundits, experts, thought leaders, social media influencers, and normal people espousing potential Threads strategies. I can only imagine how much thought has gone into how to dominate this new domain. Time will tell if any of these strategic approaches to world domination are correct. Continue Reading →
A recent study reveals that tweets generated by large language models, such as OpenAI's GPT, are perceived as more convincing than human-written tweets. This finding underscores the potential of AI as a powerful tool for information dissemination, but also highlights a risk: the spread of disinformation. Continue Reading →
Twitter is facing a lawsuit from the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA), which is seeking more than $250 million in damages for alleged copyright infringement. The NMPA, representing artists such as Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, argues that Twitter profits from the use of unlicensed music in user-generated content. Continue Reading →
The blue check apocalypse has hit Twitter, and it has (once again) pushed users to seek out other options. Can anything compete with Twitter? Shelly Palmer speaks with Dan Bowens and Tashanea Whitlow on Fox 5's Good Day New York about whether you should seek out options like Bluesky or Mastodon. Continue Reading →

Musk v. Microsoft

Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, has threatened to sue Microsoft, accusing the tech giant of using Twitter data to train its AI models without permission. Continue Reading →
The Supreme Court is hearing a case this week where family members of victims of the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks and 2017 Turkey terrorist attack are suing Google and Twitter for not doing enough to remove dangerous content from their sites. Shelly Palmer talks to John Vause on CNN International about rumors of narrowing the scope of Section 230 and what that would mean for tech companies. Continue Reading →
According to The Verge, Elon Musk on Tuesday gathered a group of engineers and advisors asking why his engagement numbers have been tanking. He fired the engineer (one of his top two) who delivered the news that only a tiny fraction of your followers ever see your tweets. The view counter he forced the company to place on every tweet proves it. According to those in the room, Elon was shocked – and really mad. Continue Reading →

Who sees your tweets?

I woke up this morning and noticed that Elon was still CEO of Twitter. I went back and looked at his final poll results (see below) and noticed that while @elonmusk has 122,383,027 followers, there were only 17,502,391 votes tallied (a dismal 14.3% response rate). I have to assume that a fair amount of these votes were done by bots and multi-account trolls, which raises the question: How many people saw his tweet? Continue Reading →