St. Patrick's Day

As you’re well aware, St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend and millions of people will celebrate the Irish with parades, green cheer and perhaps a pint of their favorite beer. Bing has pulled some of the top searches before St. Patrick’s Day showing the most searched beers and the top cities to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

It can be a challenge to not only decide what to do on St. Patrick’s Day, but also where to go to celebrate, how to get there, where to park and what to expect. Bing offers tools to help you get things done, so you can stop searching and start indulging in your favorite Irish beer!

St. Patrick’s Day Planning Tips

  • Can’t decide what to do? Bing’s social results show you what your friends are doing including status updates, comments, likes and even photos, right within the search. So, you can ask a friend which local pub has the best Irish beer or decide if you’d rather hit the local St. Patrick’s Day parade based on where your friends have been.
  • Wondering what to expect? Take a virtual walk up and down the street with streetside imagery or check out an interior view of the restaurant you’re headed to before you go on Bing Maps, so you know what to expect even before you get there.
  • Not sure how to get there? Bing can provide the duration of travel time based on walking, transit and traffic information, so you have the fastest and safest route for getting to and from your destination. Simply go to on any mobile device.   

Top St. Patrick’s Day Searches:

Most searched Beers

  • Guinness
  • Murphy’s
  • Harp
  • Beamish
  • Ohara’s

Most searched cities to celebrate St Patrick’s Day

  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • New York

About Karin Muskopf

Karin Muskopf is a spokesperson for Bing. Bing is the search engine from Microsoft, designed for people who do. For people like you who are always doing more and don’t have time to sit still. Now, only Bing brings together the best search and the best people from your social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, to help you spend less time searching and more time doing. So whether you’re on your PC or on your phone, Bing is designed not just to connect you to the information you are looking for, but also to help you get things done right on



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