Shelly Palmer Radio Report – December 7, 2010

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Facebook has announced a new layout for your profile that will make your personal information even more prevalent. The new design displays your education, work history, relationship status and slideshow of recent pictures. I hate it. In other news, the US Department of Transportation has proposed a rule that would require new cars to have rearview video cameras. The National Highway Traffic Administration sees this as a necessary solution to stop over 100 deaths and 7,000 yearly injuries caused by cars backing up. If only for our safety, our cars will soon have eyes, too. And finally, Verizon is now allowing its customers to use their mobile plan on their landline phone, sharing existing minutes. The service is called Home Phone Connect and costs $9.99 a month, with Verizon offering a $19.99 unlimited domestic calling plan. Already have a landline and don’t want to lose your phone number? Verizon will switch that over for you, too.

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Zach Superior graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts for television writing, but spends most of his time in HTML editors and Photoshop.



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