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Rep. Rick Boucher is drafting a bill that would impose new rules on Web sites and advertisers. The Representative for Virginia hopes the bill will ensure that consumers know what information is being collected about them and how it is being used. While the law is a very good idea, and one most certainly needed on the web, with such a vast number of issues needing to be dealt with, its almost impossible that the leadership will get this right.

With Apple set to hold a convention tomorrow, sources say the iPod touch and iPod nano are both about to be refreshed. Analysts believe that Apple is set to bundle the handheld devices with cameras and possibly video cameras. Many also believe that Apple will get rid of the popular iPod classic in favor of a more innovative product line.

The Beatles Rock Band is slated to hit the market tomorrow. While many believe the game will be a massive success, the release is an interesting experiment in selling old music to young people, while also tempting an older generation with video games. Will it help Rock Band sales? Will it help introduce the Beatles to a new generation of potential music buyers? The industry hopes so, that is, if there is a new generation of potential music buyers.

Scientists in France are on the verge of a breakthrough in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.  The iCub is a small robot that is learning how to adapt its behavior to changing circumstances.  It is one of the most interesting computer programming projects I’ve ever seen.

Summer 2009 proved to be the most successful Hollywood summer to date. Grossing approximately $4.31 billion since Memorial Day, Hollywood studios enjoyed many a success including Transformers: Revenge of the fallen, Harry potter and the half blood prince and Up, which increased studio earnings  by 4% year over year. In the final weekend of the summer, The Final Destination and inglourious Basterds took the top two spots at the box office.

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