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Today marks the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11, America’s first manned mission to land on the moon. So many technological innovations came from the Apollo program: from cordless power tools to digital mammography. The list is huge. If you want to see to help the economy, begin pressuring representatives to send a mission to Mars.

Eighteen months after losing the HD DVD- Blu-ray battle, Toshiba is getting into the Blu-ray business. Toshiba, who developed and promoted the HD DVD format, shuttered the format after Hollywood studios chose to pursue Blu-ray. The move comes upon news that Blu-ray players enjoyed a 91% increase in sales during the first half of 2009.

Months after being charged with insider trading, a law suit against Mark Cuban has been thrown out of court. Cuban, owner of the Dallas Maverick’s and CEO of HDNet, was charged with selling stocks of Mamma.com after learning about a stock offering. Cuban vocally objected to the claim, which said that he used private information in order to avoid losing $750,000.00.

MTV is set to allow artists to upload songs to the Rock Band library. The beta test, which will begin next month, will give up-and-coming artists the chance to get their work on the popular game. While MTV will take submissions, it will review songs for playability, lyrics and copyright issues before making them available on Rock Band.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting once again that Yahoo and Microsoft are near completing a search ads deal. The supposed deal will have Microsoft paying billions of dollars to control Yahoo’s search advertisement people. Sources say a deal may be completed this week.

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