Windows Live Tiles
Microsoft researchers in Asia are experimenting with the usefulness and feasibility of making Windows’ Live Tiles interactive. A newly published video clip from Microsoft Research’s TechFest 2014 event in February 2014, Human-Computer Interaction Group researcher Jiawei Gu shows off the Interactive Live Tiles research project. In one of the video clips showing off the research Continue Reading →
Windows 8.1
Microsoft is planning to release its Windows Phone 8.1 update to developers in April. While the software maker unveiled a number of new features in the update during its Build conference this week, no official date was provided. Neowin has published a Windows Phone engineering email which reveals Microsoft is aiming to release the Windows Continue Reading →
Windows 8.1
Microsoft finalized its upcoming Windows 8.1 Update recently, but the company appears to be sharing it a little early on Friday. While the software maker is expected to release the update officially in April, Microsoft has only detailed a few of the features in the update and has not yet provided an official release date. Continue Reading →
Windows 8
Bundling services into an operating system is a two-edged sword, a lesson with which Microsoft is having to come to grips. By including free, integrated apps and services like Office, Skype and OneDrive as part of its Windows and Windows Phone operating systems, Microsoft is offering users some decent freebies for taking the Microsoft plunge. Continue Reading →
Windows 8.1
I’ve heard from two of my sources in the past week that Microsoft’s ship target for Windows 8.1 Update 1 has shifted from March 2014 to April 2014. The idea remains to use Patch Tuesday to distribute the coming so-called “Spring” update via Windows Update, my sources said. If that is the case, Windows 8.1 Continue Reading →
Barack Obama's ConnectED
iPads, MacBooks, Windows 2-in-1s, teacher training, and wireless broadband have all been promised as part of a wide-ranging commitment from US companies to support Barack Obama’s ConnectED plan. The US president is set to fully announce the news in a speech at a Maryland school today, but most of the participating firms have already detailed Continue Reading →
Windows 8.1
Microsoft’s first update to Windows 8.1 has leaked on Sunday on various file-sharing websites ahead of its March debut. The early build includes a number of changes that Microsoft is making to improve the keyboard and mouse experience in Windows 8.1. The most obvious change is a new title bar for Microsoft’s Windows 8-style apps, Continue Reading →