Russia has begun enacted what many are calling a "digital iron curtain" by banning platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Shelly Palmer talks with Dan Bowens and Raegan Medgie about what's happening and how Russian citizens are trying to circumvent it. Continue Reading →

How you can help Ukraine

Ukrainian citizens and refugees are in dire need of supplies, food, and shelter. The most efficient way to help is to donate money to accredited charities that have organizations on the ground in the region. Continue Reading →
Key Russian figures and financial institutions have been placed on a U.S. sanctions list, and key Russian banks have been removed from the SWIFT interbank system. As a result, the value of a Russian ruble has plunged, which raises the question: can crypto be used by Russia to avoid sanctions? Continue Reading →

Ukraine Using Telegram

As Russian troops surround Kyiv, millions of Ukrainians have relied on Telegram to receive government information. Why Telegram? There was an official Ukrainian COVID information Telegram channel @COVID19_Ukraine, and when war broke out, its members voted to have the channel refocus on real-time war news. The channel is now called @UkraineNOW. Continue Reading →
As the Russian invasion of Ukraine intensifies, major tech companies like Google and Facebook are taking action against Russia. Shelly Palmer talks with Raegan Medgie and Dan Bowens on Fox 5's Good Day New York about the steps Big Tech is taking -- and the impact on people around the globe. Continue Reading →

Ukraine DeFi

First, my heart goes out to the people of the Ukraine and to the innocent victims of Russia's brutal attack. The people of Ukraine are fighting for their lives. Hopefully, the international community will figure out a way to get Russia to stand down. Continue Reading →