[wpaudio url=”https://media.shellypalmer.com/wp-content/images/usrn/101220_SHELLYPALMER_GEN_BED.mp3″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] Many consumers are finding ways to shop online without being on the computer. Orders being placed through mobile devices accounted for 5% of online sales this year. Busy retailers are providing apps that make it easy to shop while waiting in line. In other news, The Wall Continue Reading →
This week on Live Digital: Is Twitter a waste of time? Can Apple ship enough iPhones to China? Did you order your Nokia N8? And, after years of growth, why are digital music sales down in 2010? Plus, I’ll talk with Samsung’s VP of digital marketing, Kris Narayanan about Samsung.com, I’ll chat with Pandora Corp, Continue Reading →
Children’s Sites Drop More “Cookies” Children’s websites install more tracking devices onto personal computers than adult websites, according to an investigation by The Wall Street Journal. The investigation into online privacy looked at the 50 most popular websites for children and the 50 most popular sites for adults. Overall, 4,123 tracking tools came from children’s Continue Reading →
I got a call from a prospective client today. They wanted me to assist them in building a website for their new online business. It was quite a conference call. There were all kinds of really smart people involved. The demo screen shots they created were stunning. Pretty pictures, awesome usability, excellent site architecture ... I was impressed. As the presentation continued they showed me all of the features the site was going to have: social web stuff, news feeds, interfaces to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, data pulled in from all kinds of interesting places, you name it, it was on the list. Continue Reading →

iPhone 4 and iOS

June 8, 2010 – Today’s most interesting stories in technology, media and entertainment: It’s All About The iPhone 4: The new iPhone 4 has been announced. It’s got some cool, new features like a front-facing camera for video chat, it’s got the highest resolution video display you’ve ever seen, improved battery life, it multi-tasks and Continue Reading →
Today’s most interesting stories in technology, media and entertainment: Four US Senators are going after Facebook over privacy concerns: Chuck Schumer of New York and Al Franken of Minnesota are especially concerned about “instant personalization,” a feature that provides Facebook partners like Yelp and Pandora with instant access to user information. While Facebook allows users Continue Reading →
If you are having trouble viewing our video player, check out MediaBytes on YouTube. Google will allow Android phone users the ability to get turn-by-turn directions when using Google Maps on their phone. The feature update to the application also includes voice-powered search and will be exclusively available on phones running Android. The turn-by-turn feature Continue Reading →