Nexus 4
Following that iFixit teardown of the Nexus 4, it looks like LG and Google did kit out their new flagship with LTE after all—at least, there’s a Qualcomm multi-band LTE chip in there—it’s just not active. But why whack in a 4G chip and not bother to use it? There are a couple of theories. Continue Reading →
[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] After Hurricane Sandy canceled Monday’s Android event in New York, Google took to its blog to announce its new tech. Apple’s iPad finally has a true challenger in Google’s Nexus 10, which packs a whopping 300 pixels per inch into its screen, nearly 20 percent more than Continue Reading →
Along with a slew of new Nexus devices, Google has just announced Android 4.2, a new flavor of Jellybean. While it doesn’t get a new name of its one, it does get quite a few neat new features. Here’s a rundown. Gesture Typing: The new version of Android will include a new keyboard feature that Continue Reading →
Nexus 10
It’s been a long time, but it’s finally here. Google’s big answer to the iPad—the tablet that created an entire market—has officially arrived. A better-than-Retina screen, curves and serious speed. Its name is Nexus 10 and it’s $100 cheaper than the iPad. Learn all about it here. Looking at the specs, it seems that the Continue Reading →
Android fans eager to get a look at the latest Nexus smartphones and tablets will have to wait a little longer. Google e-mailed reporters on Saturday saying that it was canceling the event because of concerns surrounding Hurricane Sandy. As the storm gathered strength, Google faced mounting questions over whether it would continue with the Continue Reading →

Apple Is a Follower

Ducks in a Row
Apple never wanted to make the iPad Mini. It was forced to, by an army of tiny tablets laying successful siege to its empire. Apple’s conceded a lot of ground already. But it’s not the first time this year it’s had to play catch-up. With every new release, it becomes increasingly clear that Apple’s no Continue Reading →
[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] After what seems like months of leaks and rumors, the day has come for Apple to unveil the iPad Mini. While they have yet to leak any details, here’s an idea of what they’ll most likely reveal during today’s event. The screen is not expected to have Continue Reading →