MediaBytes 10.24.2007

FACEBOOK is the focus of a heated bidding war between MICROSOFT and GOOGLE. The two companies are competing for less than 10% of the social networking site and a deal could be announced within the next 48 hours. Google is reportedly driving the price very high in an attempt to outbid Microsoft. The winning bidder Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 10.09.2007

GOOGLE will announce a new service that turns the AdSense network into a video distribution tool. Web sites will be allowed to embed ad-supported YouTube content that is contextually relevant to their site, similar to how they currently embed relevant ads. The move will give video creators a distribution channel that extends beyond, as Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 09.26.2007

AMAZON is now going head-to-head with iTunes. The company launched its digital music store yesterday, offering 2.3 million tracks. Songs cost as little as 89 cents, come at a high bitrate, and not one of them is crippled by DRM. As a result, they work with almost any device on the market. Universal and EMI, Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 09.17.2007

BRIGHTCOVE has decided to stop developing its YouTube-like Internet video portal, and shift its focus entirely to white-label video services for content publishers. The portal will now “run itself” at, while is retained for growing the core technology business. Brightcove technology serves video on some of the Internet’s top destinations, including The Wall Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 08.29.2007

CRISPIN PORTER + BOGUSKY has signed up for StopWatch, TIVO‘s second-by-second viewer data service. The company will use the data to evaluate viewer reactions to its ads, which could influence future creative decisions. TiVo’s StopWatch releases a daily sampling of the data from 20,000 TiVo boxes. Starcom, Interpublic and a handful of other companies already Continue Reading →
Adobe, maker of the Flash Media Server and its associated ubiquitous player, has announced that it will support the H.264 format. I know what you’re thinking — I lost you at “H.” I mean, seriously, could there be a more geek-centric thing to write about? Stay with me, that’s all the tech we’re going to Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 08.20.2007

Click to view today’s MediaBytes video. BUILDING B has received $17.5 million in funding for its next-generation set-top box. The company plans to release a box that merges content available on broadcast television with the niche content available on the web. It is remaining tight-lipped about its plans, but has hinted at using wireless to Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 08.16.2007

THE NTIA has contracted IBM to provide $120 million worth of services for the “Digital-to-Analog Converter Box Coupon Program.” Services will include consumer education, coupon distribution, and financial processing for coupons. The contract begins immediately, and will expire in September 2009. FOX INTERACTIVE MEDIA will begin managing websites for 160 Fox-affiliated stations. The sites will Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 07.20.2007

CBS plans to make its television content available on over 400 different websites, executives said on Wednesday. CBS Interactive president Quincy Smith said CBS is committed to open, non-exclusive online partnerships. The network has seen traffic on grow rapidly since embracing new online partnerships. The number of unique monthly visitors has jumped from 21 Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 07.16.2007

Click for Today’s MediaBytes Video THE ASSOCIATION FOR DOWNLOADABLE MEDIA launches today. The new trade group brings together 15 companies involved in the world of digital distribution, and aims to standardize ad content and measurement in downloadable digital media. Founding members include Apple, Nielsen, and National Public Radio. The trade group will focus on monetizing Continue Reading →