Nook Color
Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color e-reader has brought the company over 650,000 subscriptions and single copy sales of their newsstand publications. With over 120 popular publications available, 150% more subscriptions were sold since Christmas than in the past 12 months. The Nook series now sells more e-books than Barnes & Noble sells physical books, thanks Continue Reading →
[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] According to a recent report, Twitter could generate as much as $250 million in ad revenue by 2012. Now valued at $3.7B, Twitter has failed to monetize its success until recently. With $45 million in ad revenue in 2010, the privately held company will introduce a self-serve Continue Reading →
Buy-one-get-one Offer from Nook Book
Choose an eBook using the beautiful color touch screen, then watch it appear instantly on the E Ink® display, where text appears as crisp as a printed page. The 16-level gray scale display offers great contrast with no glare or backlight. Choose from five different font sizes so you can read with ease. Click the Continue Reading →
Apple Loosens Up On App Development Apple has decided to relax its restrictions on the development tools used to make apps. Developers can now use third-party tools, like Adobe’s software to convert Flash apps into native iPhone apps, which was previously banned by Apple.  Additionally, Apple will publish it’s guidelines for evaluating an app for Continue Reading →

Google Makes Mail a Priority

Google Makes Mail a Priority Google unveiled a new feature for Gmail called Priority Inbox, to help combat e-mail overload. Priority Inbox organizes emails and puts them into one of three categories: “Important and Unread,” “Starred” and “Everything Else.” The new feature also places a higher priority on messages received from contacts that a user Continue Reading →
Man Goes to Jail After Sending Friend Request on Facebook A Florida man was sent to jail after sending a friend request on Facebook. Harry Bruder violated a restraining order filed by his estranged wife, Carole, after attempting to contact her twice on Facebook. Mr. Bruder didn’t think that social networking constituted as “contact,” which Continue Reading →
June 22, 2010 – Today’s most interesting stories in technology, media and entertainment: FiOS Without A Contract: Verizon is now offering its FiOS service without a contract. In fact, you can pay month-to-month if you like with no termination fee Why? Remember those negative ads from cable companies saying that Verizon locks you into a Continue Reading →
May 5, 2010 – Today’s most interesting stories in technology, media and entertainment: You Share Too Much: How much info is too much info? According to Consumer Reports, 52% of American adults are sharing too much private information online. From posting addresses to Facebragging about being on vacation, the report found that many Americans are Continue Reading →
Today’s most interesting stories in technology, media and entertainment: Israeli Government Lifts iPad Ban: After banning the iPad, Israel will now allow Apple’s latest device into the country. The Israeli government will also return 20 iPads which had been seized from tourists during the ban. The issue? Bureaucracy, because there is certainly no technical reason Continue Reading →
Today’s most interesting stories in technology, media and entertainment: In September, if you buy an iPad for $50,000, you’ll get a Hyundai Equus for free. OK, that’s backwards, but as incentives go, a $500 iPad is a great gift with purchase for buying a car. And it’s even cooler because the iPad is going to Continue Reading →