Universal Music's recent lawsuit against AI startup Anthropic underscores a pressing issue at the intersection of AI and copyright law. The suit alleges that Anthropic's AI chatbot Claude reproduces copyrighted song lyrics almost verbatim, infringing on the rights of music publishers like Concord and Universal. Continue Reading →
Seven AI tech giants – OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, Meta, Amazon, Anthropic, and Inflection – have committed to watermarking AI-generated content. The goal is to label the provenance of AI-generated text, video, audio, and images, thereby reducing the risk of misleading users about the content's origins. As Google's blog aptly puts it, "None of us can get AI right on our own." Continue Reading →
Anthropic's LLM, Claude, just got a substantial upgrade: its context window has been expanded from 9K tokens to an impressive 100K tokens, equating to around 75,000 words. This expansion is significant, allowing businesses to submit hundreds of pages for Claude's analysis, which enables more extended and in-depth dialogues. Continue Reading →