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For years, digital start-ups looked to advertising as the magic bean that would pay the bills and drive their valuations. Over time, many people, especially VCs, began to sour to the concept. After all, it’s no secret that banner ad rates are pretty darned low. The natural response for many pubs and start-ups was simply Continue Reading →
A system that is over-reliant on prediction through leverage, (like the banking system before the recent crisis), hence fragile to unforeseen “black swan” events, will eventually break into pieces. –Nassim Taleb I don’t read many business books anymore. For years I devoured them voraciously. But something happened to me as I began to realize that Continue Reading →

My Child is My Teacher

Tween Computer Use
Technology has changed so much in the last two decades that it’s hard to keep pace with all the developments. Twenty years ago middle school kids might have had one class on typing or word processing.  A few lucky kids may have had a computer in their homes.  Today, modern tweens have a footprint on Continue Reading →
Anthony Weiner
We like to warn our children about many things and lately sexting has been on the top of the list. We caution against it, put applications in place to prevent it, and even treat kids as criminals over it. However, it is us adults who are getting far more press about it lately than kids Continue Reading →
It may be the most overused, least appreciated, most haphazardly defined word in modern life. Yet, it makes online commerce possible, discussion groups debatable and eBay profitable. Simultaneously, its abuse leads to urgent letters from Nigerian depositories, fuels goofball conspiracy theories, enables a menagerie of computer viruses, and funnels millions of hapless targets into the Continue Reading →

The Shift Age

In the past I have written that as a futurist, it sometimes feels like I live in a state of déjà vu. I spend a lot of time researching and looking into the future to develop the forecasts and trends that I write and speak about. I experience them, see them, and have varying degrees Continue Reading →

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