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Amidst the AI buzz, it's easy to forget that as data speeds up like a runaway train, our need for beefier processors to keep up with AI's demands grows exponentially. But who knows? Maybe in the future, AI will be so brilliantly efficient that it could run on a stack of dusty old laptops in your garage. That seems unlikely, though, so the race to build the very best processors is fierce. Continue Reading →

AI Actors, AI Music, AI IRL

Regarding the AI provisions in the pending SAG-AFTRA contract, actress-writer-filmmaker Justine Bateman said union members should only approve the deal "if they don’t want to work anymore." She is, of course, entitled to her opinion… but history tells a different story. Continue Reading →

AI Music Generators

AI Music by DALL-E
I just started working on a vast music project that is screaming to be done in partnership with an AI co-arranger, co-orchestrator, co-audio engineer, co-musician(s), co-producer, along with fully automated mixing, mastering, and packaging for distribution. Do all of these functions exist in one AI platform? Here's a list of notable AI music generators: Continue Reading →
In a world where the crunch of a Dorito can measurably impact a gamer's performance, PepsiCo has decided to play the hero we never knew we needed. Introducing "Doritos Silent," the latest AI tech marvel designed to save you from the cacophony of mastication. Continue Reading →

Elon Launches xAI’s Grok

Elon Musk has introduced Grok, an AI chatbot developed by his new company xAI, poised to challenge existing AI services. Named after an alien word from Robert A. Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land," Grok is designed to respond with wit to queries that might stump other bots. Continue Reading →

AI for Performance Marketers

Using readily available generative AI tools, our prompt crafting (aka prompt engineering) workshops can help any team increase their productivity by 5%-25% in about 45 minutes. Now that Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Adobe and other major software vendors have begun to incorporate generative AI into their products, good prompt crafting skills will become table stakes. Continue Reading →

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