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AI Safety: A Federal Focus

The Biden administration has intensified its commitment to AI safety and ethical standards. At the UK AI Safety Summit, Vice President Kamala Harris outlined new initiatives to mitigate AI risks, emphasizing the dual nature of AI as a tool for both unprecedented good and potential harm. Continue Reading →
Does your company offer a product or just a feature? Dozens of companies have invested heavily in creating PDF readers that sit on top of OpenAI's GPT-4 or plug in to ChatGPT Plus, including AI PDF, AskYourPDF, ScholarAI, and Webpilot. Unfortunately (for them), OpenAI's recent update to ChatGPT Plus includes the ability to read PDFs. Oops! Continue Reading →
Generative AI requires vast amounts of training, and many of the most popular large language models have been trained by scraping publicly available websites. There are numerous lawsuits focused on whether or not copyrighted material can be used for AI training without the knowledge, consent, and remuneration to the rights holders. Continue Reading →

ChatGPT Can Phish

Ah, the sweet irony of AI. On one hand, it's the darling of tech innovation, automating tasks, and making our lives easier. On the other hand, it's a Pandora's box of cybersecurity nightmares. Continue Reading →

AI at the Paley Center

I’m doing a special off-the-record session on AI for senior leaders next Thursday afternoon at the Paley Center for Media in midtown Manhattan that includes an introductory class on ChatGPT and a conversation on urgent AI topics with Dotdash Meredith’s CIO, Jon Roberts. Continue Reading →
Universal Music's recent lawsuit against AI startup Anthropic underscores a pressing issue at the intersection of AI and copyright law. The suit alleges that Anthropic's AI chatbot Claude reproduces copyrighted song lyrics almost verbatim, infringing on the rights of music publishers like Concord and Universal. Continue Reading →

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