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Amazon Prime Video is embarking on its second NFL season as the exclusive broadcaster of Thursday Night Football, introducing a suite of AI-powered features to immerse viewers in the strategic intricacies of the game. Continue Reading →

Nvidia’s AI-Driven Surge

Nvidia has once again demonstrated the transformative power of AI. The company's Q2 2024 earnings report revealed a staggering $13.5 billion in revenue, largely attributed to the surging demand for its generative AI chips – record-setting demand that overshadowed the challenges posed by a dwindling PC industry. Continue Reading →

The C/G Boundary

ChatGPT became available to the public on November 30, 2022. I’ve given that date a name: the Curation/Generation AI Boundary (C/G Boundary). The C/G Boundary marks the transition from a time when AI was predominantly used to curate and organize preexisting content to a period characterized by AI’s capability to autonomously generate content and solutions. Continue Reading →
The New York Times (NYT) is contemplating legal action against OpenAI, the organization behind ChatGPT. The crux of the dispute lies in copyright concerns surrounding the use of the newspaper's content. Continue Reading →

Automating Orwell

In a move chillingly reminiscent of George Orwell's 1984, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed Senate File 496 (SF 496), which enacted sweeping changes to the state's education curriculum and banned books that are not deemed "age appropriate” or that contain "descriptions or visual depictions of a sex act," per Iowa Code 702.17. Continue Reading →

Gensler’s AI Admonition

My Sunday essay was a review of Gary Gensler's admonition that an AI-driven stock market will be a ticking time bomb. Algo-trading isn't anywhere near new, but it is newly relevant as generative AI and autonomous agents weave themselves into the fabric of our lives. Continue Reading →
Midjourney Portrait of Gary Gensler
As we stand on the precipice of an overwhelmingly AI-driven financial world, we must ask ourselves: Are we prepared for the potential fallout? Gary Gensler, the SEC chair, has sounded the alarm bells, suggesting that AI could be at the heart of future financial crises. His insights, drawn from a paper he penned in 2020, shed light on the risks of AI in financial markets and the limitations of regulatory bodies in addressing these challenges. Continue Reading →
The ongoing strike by SAG-AFTRA, now nearing its fourth week, has brought to the forefront the significance of interim agreements in the entertainment industry. At its core, an interim agreement is not a "waiver"; it's a binding contract that productions must adhere to, aligning with all of the contract terms SAG-AFTRA is seeking from the AMPTP. Continue Reading →

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