Microsoft Will Indemnify its AI Customers

Microsoft has announced its Copilot Copyright Commitment in response to user concerns about potential IP infringement when using outputs from their AI-powered Copilots. This commitment assures users that they can utilize Copilot services without copyright infringement worries. If legal issues arise, Microsoft will take responsibility, defending the user and covering any adverse judgments or settlements, provided users adhere to Microsoft’s guidelines and content filters.

This is huge! Most of the pushback we’re getting from our corporate clients is focused on potential risk of copyright infringement. GCs cite the large number of ongoing lawsuits, arguing that the unknown outcomes pose too great a risk to their organizations. Microsoft just put its $2.45 trillion market cap behind its AI customers. That should take care of that.

Microsoft 365 Copilot integrates generative AI into Microsoft’s daily-use apps (like Word, Excel, and Teams) and introduces a new feature, Business Chat, which can generate updates from data sources like emails and meetings.

“We have built important guardrails into our Copilots to help respect authors’ copyrights,” said Microsoft in a statement. “We have incorporated filters and other technologies that are designed to reduce the likelihood that Copilots return infringing content.”

I’d like to see the fine print on this subtopic; the details are very important to every content creator.

Importantly, we do not have a financial relationship with Microsoft – and we don’t sell Microsoft products – but we do offer a highly-focused process that will help your leadership align on AI-based opportunities, as well as seminars and workshops that can help your knowledge workers quickly become 5% to 25% more productive by using tools like ChatGPT and Microsoft 365 Copilot. If this is of interest, please fill out the form below.

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