Why iOS 8 Adoption is Slower Than Normal

iOS 8

iOS 8

Over the last few years, iPhone and iPad users have been quick to adopt the latest version of Apple’s mobile OS. But iOS 8 seems to be playing out differently. A lot differently. According to multiple sources, iOS 8 downloads have basically flatlined. Mixpanel reports iOS 8 users currently make up 45 percent of total iOS users, while iOS 7 users still make up 50 percent. Apple’s own App Store visit numbers show similar stats: As of October 5th, 47 percent of iOS users are on iOS 8, and 47 percent are on iOS 7. (The last few percent in both analyses are folks on earlier versions of iOS.) With the launches of iOS 6 and iOS 7, the numbers were closer to 60 or 70 percent at this point. Users could be holding off on updating for a number of reasons, like reported or expected performance issues. For those with older iOS devices, this can be a wise move.

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